Supply Chain Solutions

Supply Chain Management is our core competence: from Integrated Business Planning to Logistic Execution, from Network Collaboration to Supply Chain Monitoring, we can help our customers creating value in every part of their supply chain, using tools like SAP IBP and APO.

Enterprise Solutions

We support organizations in optimizing their strategic business functions, providing high-level consultancy and implementing industry-leading solutions, with an extended focus on leveraging data to improve performance and minimize business risks,


From the definition of the roadmap to the selection of the right tools, down to application development, implementation and maintenance, we provide comprehensive services and solutions to help our clients meet their business objectives.


Our customers come from different industries and have unique needs. Understanding their goals and making them our own goals is our way to make projects successful and build a long-lasting partnership.

Integrated Business Planning is the evolution of the classical S&OP process to a more advanced and collaborative one, including financial evaluations, project and portfolio initiatives, simulations and what-if analysis to support your company decision-making. When you want to implement real integration between your company's business functions, the right choice of tools is fundamental, but change management is also a substantial aspect. Syscons can help you to address all the aspects of an implementation project, providing you complete support for changing your organization. The SAP IBP platform can help our customer to support their business, using the different modules independently or in a combination to achieve a real integrated process supported by advanced capabilities. Syscons started to invest in the new IBP platform in 2013, consistently with our strategy as Supply Chain systems experts. We have installed our own IBP system, including additional components, and keep constantly up to date with the new features released by SAP. We are helping our customers to develop their roadmap for adoption, transitioning from APO or using IBP as their single supply chain tool.
Independently from your company's level of maturity, Syscons can help you define and implement your S&OP process, selecting the right tool according to your current landscape and business needs. Evolve your process from a time-consuming data gathering and Excel & PowerPoint report building to a process with real value added; enable real collaboration across business functions and with your partners for the definition of your consensus plan. Conduct different simulations to reach the agreement on the best scenario for generating financial value for the entire company. SAP IBP for S&OP is the SAP tool designed specifically to conduct your company S&OP process, supporting the process at any level of maturity. IBP for S&OP is part of the IBP platform, which offers many additional advanced planning functionalities. Syscons started to invest in the new IBP platform in 2013, consistently with our strategy as Supply Chain systems experts. Ask us for a standard or custom demo to see how IBP for S&OP can fit your company needs.
A thorough demand plan is the starting point for driving your entire business network. The generation and adjustment of the best demand plan requires the interaction of different players in your organization like sales, marketing, finance, together with external partners like distributors and resellers; the number of data and insight available from the market increased over the last few years, making it necessary to manage a big amount of data, that also require harmonization. Syscons can help you to streamline the demand process in all its steps, leveraging its experience and choosing with you the right tools according to your needs. Syscons helped many customers with advanced implementation of APO Demand Planning, including statistical forecasting and all the supporting functions that APO offers, in integration with the sales process in ECC and with different trade promotion tools. The IBP platform now completes our APO Demand Planning core competence, for demand generation and collaboration throughout your demand network. In addition, our Business Intelligence competences allow us to help our customers in defining and building KPI's and reporting systems to support the entire demand process.
Weather your company has a complex global procurement and distribution network, or a simple and more local supply chain, you need to operate sourcing decisions, distribute your product, build up your inventory, decide if to produce or procure externally the products that you are going to sell... Syscons can help you to support all your supply decisions implementing the right system for your level of complexity, geography, and business specific needs. You will manage your supply chain by exceptions and drive your business using the right measures, aligning your operations to your strategy. Syscons core competences are founded on the traditional ECC modules that drive your operations, and are strongly complemented by our deep knowledge of complex distribution and production scenarios in APO, using both basic planning tools like heuristic runs and capacity leveling, and advanced planning techniques like Optimization and Capable to Match. We can help you manage specific scenarios like VMI and intercompany, in integration with the execution in ECC. Syscons can also leverage the new IBP platform to fulfill additional requirement regarding the planning and monitoring of your supply network, building the right roadmap according to your system landscape.
Syscons has a broad experience in production planning and execution processes, acquired on the field working side by side with planners and production people implementing systems for different industries. From standard production planning with infinite capacity to complex finite production planning and detailed scheduling, we can help you to find a solution for supporting your processes. Together with our partners, we can support you in delivering an integrated solution from high level production planning to detailed shop floor control and manufacturing execution, down to the level of integrating with your production equipment for managing your OEE and control your machines . From rough-cut production planning and detailed scheduling with advanced algorithms in APO, to production planning and execution in ECC, integrating SAP ME and MII for shop floor control and execution, QM module and LIMS for quality control, we can leverage our experience in several projects of different kind of complexity to help you define the right solution for your production planning and control, monitoring your performance in both planning and execution.
Your customers want to know in real time when you will be able to deliver the product they require, and your company needs to know how to allocate it in case of shortage. Depending on your type of business, you may also need to check the production capacity before committing to a date, or consider alternative products or the possibility to serve from an alternative location. The ability to analyze all this options in real time can improve dramatically your KPIs and is a key aspect in competing in the current market environment; Syscons can help you to develop and implement the right process and solution, establishing also the appropriate measuring system to monitor your performance. APO global Available To Promise and Capable To Promise scenarios, together with the sales and distribution processes and the ATP check in ECC are among Syscons core competences and experiences, together with the monitoring and analysis of sales, distribution and order fulfillment processes. You can leverage our experience to choose the tool that suits your business most, based on the current evolution and roadmap of APO functionalities.
The pressure to reduce inventory cost increased more and more in the last years, pushing companies towards a more strict and advanced inventory planning and monitoring process. Improving the service level while lowering inventory costs is a goal for many companies, each with its specific strategy and focus. Syscons can support your company needs from inventory monitoring to advanced inventory planning, according to the specific features of your line of business and to your present system landscape and roadmap. SAP offer different solution for managing your inventory, from simple inventory monitoring and control in ECC, to advanced stock policies and inventory planning in APO, to multi-echelon algorithm for advanced inventory optimization in EIS and in IBP for Inventory. Syscons can help you to understand the capabilities of the different solutions and implement the right tool for your needs, building with you the appropriate KPI and monitoring system.
Logistic costs and efficiency can be a very important factors for improving your business; weather you have a small and unstructured warehouse, or many complex logistic hubs to manage, we can help you to streamline your warehouse activities in integration with your sales, distribution and production processes. Our experience in logistic execution processes allows us to define the more suitable solution according to your complexity, working in the warehouse to really understand and re-design material flows, building a solution that considers your physical constraints and real needs. Syscons can leverage a deep experience in warehouse management systems, from SAP WM, to the Task and Resource Management add-on of ECC, to SAP EWM - Extended Warehouse Management. Together with our partners, we can support also non-SAP warehouse management systems, the integration with different warehouse control systems and any kind of devices like palm computers, RFID and barcode readers.
Collaboration with external partners for streamlining your end-to-end supply chain is a key success factor of today's businesses. Putting in place a real collaboration process is not just a matter of exchanging data, but involves modifications in your relationship with customers and suppliers, and presents various challenges like data harmonization and sharing, building new trust relationships, and using the right planning and collaboration tools. Syscons can help you to implement your collaboration process, from a simple data exchange to collaborative planning scenarios using different tools. SAP Supply Network Collaboration can help you to establish the right communication with your partners, supporting advanced collaborative planning scenarios. You can use this tool in conjunction with your ECC and APO system, or leverage different collaboration instruments according to your specific needs and domain for collaboration.
The definition of the right measuring system is a key aspect for implementing your strategy, while the constant monitoring of your performance and of critical situations can help you to adjust your plans to an ever-changing environment, and to react quickly to the events that affect your business operations. Syscons can leverage its supply chain competences in different business areas to help you build the measuring and monitoring system that best fits your needs. APO Alert Monitor is a very flexible functionality that can be configured to display the alerts that are important for your users, with optional e-mail notification upon specific exceptions. KPI and analytics can be built in different BI application and Syscons can help you to define the one that best fits your landscape and your requirements, from more traditional BI application to the new Control Tower that allows you to manage task and cases when detecting a situation that needs actions.