From the definition of the roadmap to the selection of the right tools, down to application development, implementation and maintenance, we provide comprehensive services and solutions to help our clients meet their business objectives.
We can say in few words: "doing the right things right". "Things" refers to: work efforts, projects, and programs. So our support has two pillars :
  • "Doing the right things" refers to prioritizing and selecting programs and projects to achieve your organizational objectives.
  • "Doing things right" means delivering high quality projects or programs
  • The main focus areas are :
    • Roadmap definition
    • Program Management
    • Software Selection
    • Feasibility Study and Assessment
    • Business Case Management
    • Risk Management & Compliance
    • Corporate Performance Management
Based on our extensive experience in the business processes of various industries, we can assess the current situation of your processes and the systems that support them. We start by making an in-depth analysis of your as-is scenario and challenging current business practices versus industry best practices, making sure that deviations are justified by requirements actually unique to your company. We also check the quality of current processes and data, verifying that IT procedures are aligned with business objectives.
After completing our assessment and review, we will provide a comprehensive report covering all major findings and observations, along with recommendations for changes as well as remedial and corrective actions. We will also identify opportunities for improvement and make proposals regarding new components to extend your current solution.
SAP SCM and ERP modules support best practice processes in a wide range of industries through highly flexible configuration and modeling capabilities, providing a wealth of business solutions that can actually improve productivity and competitiveness.
Deep knowledge of SAP software configurations and experience in business processes are key to designing and implementing solutions that meet business goals in an innovative and efficient way.
Our experienced consultants not only design solutions based on business requirements, but also proactively promote processes changes that can better fit business goals and improve productivity and efficiency, at the same time minimizing custom development and implementation cost.
Our project managers have a proven record in delivering complex solutions on time and on budget, helping our customers to obtain the desired ROI from every project. From limited scope realizations to complex international projects, our experience and seniority allow us to deal with players from different business functions and different cultural backgrounds, establishing a strong collaborative team spirit. A successful project for Syscons is not only about delivering a solution within a defined budget but also about building a solid relationship that continues long after go-live.
Keeping an SAP platform up, running and performance-optimized is key to end-user productivity, but it is not enough. As end-users run their business processes, they may experience application problems, encounter glitches that make their work harder, or make mistakes hard to recover. They also may need help in using functions they are not familiar with, or they may be novices needing training.

Syscons offers cost-effective and reliable SAP Application Management Services (AMS) tailor made to fit individual client needs. Our expert team not only provides the required functional and technical support to take care of day-to-day operations, but it is configured to meet the specific needs of each client.
Syscons AMS provides:
  • Ticket-based troubleshooting and problem resolution
  • Ticket-based inquiry and service request fulfillment
  • Extended support, including project and design advice, application configuration, enhancements to existing functions, analysis and development of new custom programs
Two types of AMS agreements are available:
  • Light AMS - Standard SLAs, non-dedicated team, minimum subscription
  • Full AMS - Tailor-made SLAs and subscription, shared or dedicated team
Enterprise solutions have reached a degree of completeness and adaptability such that they constitute the optimal solution in most industries. However, there are situations in which specific requirements cannot be met through standard customization parameters, or situations in which the burden of organizational change may be greater than the benefits. Furthermore, there are still areas or business sectors not covered by enterprise solutions. In all these cases it is necessary to provide developments entirely or partly bespoke. Syscons have the resources and methodologies to support the entire lifecycle of custom applications, from requirements definition to high-level blueprint, from functional and technical design to development of programs and related technical and user documentation.