We support organizations in optimizing their strategic business functions, providing high-level consultancy and implementing industry-leading solutions, with an extended focus on leveraging data to improve performance and minimize business risks.
Give Value to your data
Figuring out where you were before, where you are now and where you want to go, based on data. That is where the Business intelligence comes in: techniques and tools to transform data into meaningful information, to help corporate executives and users make more informed decisions for better business performance. At Syscons, we believe that BI enabled companies will have a distinct advantage over their competitors, shrinking their business risks.

Where we come in
It is our intention to help organizations make better data-driven decisions in an increasingly complex environment. We are able to manage the entire development lifecycle, from the selection of the best technologies through to the most appropriate path to follow. We also add strong functional competencies to support metrics and reporting business design. Our BI services focus is on the following areas:
  • Finance & Controlling
  • Sourcing & Procurement
  • Sales & CRM
  • Human Resources
  • Governance, Risk & Compliance
Core Competencies
Our capabilities help companies analyzing and presenting data in order to measure business performance, improve decision-making and move forward to understand what might be going to happen. We are focused on:
  • Data Warehousing with SAP BW and SAP BW on HANA
  • ETL Data integration
  • Data Visualization and Discovering using SAP Lumira and Qlikiew
  • BI Dashboards and mobile application with SAP Business Objects, BO Dashboards, Design Studio
  • Planning and Budgeting with SAP BW-IP (Integrated Planning)
A complex scenario
A risk is the effect of potential events on various business aspects (financial, health and safety, environmental goals, etc.) and can apply at different levels (strategic, organization-wide, project, product and process, etc.). Today's organizations are struggling with identifying, understanding and managing risks. Requirements are becoming increasingly complex and detailed as well as the demand for a strong governance, risk and compliance continues to increase. In a such context, a consolidated risk management approach, an actionable process of fraud prevention, the alignment of the internal control systems to the relevant regulations, the need for a structured IT Governance, the quality and timeliness of reporting systems, all are essential to define a sustainable growth path across the enterprise.

How we can help
At Syscons, we believe that an IT approach to Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) could help organizations to support the current and future needs of the business. We assist our customers in designing and implementing GRC programs to ensure that the company continues to operate within the boundaries of relevant regulations (internal and external). We support clients in identifying, understanding and managing risks related to the use of IT systems and help them to ensure an appropriate balance between risks and opportunities.

Governance, Risk and Compliance
Syscons has acquired a deep knowledge and experience on SAP GRC implementation projects, with a particular focus on Access Control (AC) and Process Control (PC) modules, and on SAP Systems Application Lifecycle Management with Solution Manager 's ChaRM (Change Request Management). We are able to cover the entire project lifecycle, from the design to the implementation and deployment. Our services pertain:
  • Assessment and management of risks related to the usage of IT systems, SoD (Segregation of Duties) assessment and compliance;
  • Design and implementation of remediation/mitigation plans for a continuous monitoring of risk scenarios;
  • Solution of compliant user provisioning across enterprise systems;
  • Design and maintenance of IT authorization profiles;
  • Design and implementation of solution to ensure compliance, monitoring and management of internal controls throughout the company;
  • Design, optimization and implementation of processes and RACI framework to manage SAP Systems work life via SOLMAN-ChaRM.
Fraud and SoD Risk Monitoring
The need for an ongoing awareness of information security, vulnerabilities, and risks determines the demand for a set of tools and methods to enable such process. Syscons has developed a set of solutions to help customers to address effectively issues related to the fraud prevention/detection and monitoring of business risks:
  • SoD Reporting: Application models for analysis, reporting and dashboards to assess and manage SoD risks;
  • Fraud Monitoring: Application model based on a Risk Library with specific Key Risk Indicators (KRIs) and Key Risk Objective (KRO)
  • Authorization Reporting: Solution to manage and monitor authorizations across all SAP systems (SAP ECC / BW / HR / SRM / CRM).
Finance & Controlling are essential business functions of any enterprise and are fundamental for delivering the desired shareholder value and bottom-line results. Towards this end, Syscons consultants work closely with you in defining and implementing an SAP Finance & Controlling solution based on best business practices and your company unique requirements. Right from the basic definition of the Chart of Accounts until the design and implementation of an effective Financial Supply Chain, our consultants guide you through every step to ensure that you get the best value from your SAP solution.
We help your organization make the most of the in-depth functionality offered by SAP in the areas of:
  • Core Financial Accounting
  • Management Accounting
  • Profitability Analysis
  • Investment Management
  • Financial Analytics and Reporting,
  • Financial Supply Chain Management
  • Treasury & Risk management
Our Finance & Controlling team covers also all the processes of strategic management as well as corporate management compliance, risk and security.
Improving your Source-to-Pay process is not only about automation and increased ease of use but also about integration with your supply chain. A strong focus on Source-to-Pay will improve your financial position by managing all spending according to contracts and increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the supply chain.
Syscons provides SAP and business process consulting services in support of the entire Source-to Pay lifecycle. We are committed to providing your business with a solution designed to optimize your company Source-to-Pay functions and process governance, and accelerate operational benefits that improve your company performance and profitability.
Our depth of experience in sourcing and procurement along with our strong knowledge of supply chain management ensure proper use of SAP technology solutions in the following areas:
  • Strategic Sourcing
  • Operational Procurement
  • Inbound processing
  • Quality Management
  • Supply Network Collaboration
Whether you are a manufacturer of standard products, or a supplier of customer-specific engineering services, a SAP Sales & Distribution solution can provide comprehensive functions to support your business operations. From quotation to order, procurement to manufacturing and delivery to billing, information can be managed and the progress of the entire order fulfillment cycle tracked. The Sales & Distribution system's ability to support make-to-stock, make-to-order and trading of items helps to ensure on time delivery of shipments of items to customers.
Our experienced SAP consulting team knows the business processes and market challenges that your industry faces and is able to design and deliver comprehensive industry specific solutions that support the entire sales lifecycle process. Our solutions include:
  • Pricing
  • Rebate processing and discounting
  • Sales Quotation
  • Sales Order processing
  • Configurable products
  • Consignment processing
  • Make-to-order with cost controll in order and project
  • Shipment Processing
  • Returns and Complaint process
  • Foreign Trade Export Processing
  • EDI integration