Our customers come from different industries and have unique needs. Understanding their goals and making them our own goals is our way to make projects successful and build a long-lasting partnership.

We believe that serving our customers means doing something more that fulfilling contract obligations: it means sharing their goals and challenges with unconditional commitment and dedication, sparing no effort to ensure their projects are successful.

Working closely with several customers has allowed us to reach a deep understanding of their processes, and to discriminate standard features of a certain industry from specific needs that make a customer unique. In some industries, the experience accumulated in over a decade has made us knowledgeable of most processes specific to that industry, so that we can now serve it in all our areas of expertise; in other industries, our experience is limited to specific or horizontal processes.

Fully covered industries:

  • Food
  • Consumer Products
  • Pharma
  • Chemical & Process
  • Automotive
  • Fashion & Luxury
  • Discrete & High Tech

Other industries:

  • Engineering & Construction
  • Energy
  • Publishing
  • Insurance & Finance

Some projects

  • APO assessment, implementation, rollout and AMS
  • IBP implementation
  • EWM assessment and implementation
  • WM implementation
  • PP/DS implementation
  • PP/DS, PP, MM and integration with field system
  • BW implementation
  • AMS APO DP and SNP
  • Business Objects dashboards ad reports
  • ECC implementation and maintenance